At-Home Pet Farewells

Compassionate Euthanasia Services in NJ​

Dr. Sandra from Essex County offers compassionate in-home pet euthanasia, ensuring that your beloved pets receives the utmost care & comfort during their final moments.

Why Choose In-Home Pet Euthanasia?

Comfort, Compassion, and Peaceful Farewells

The word euthanasia is derived from the Greek words “eu” (good) and “thanatos” (death), thus translating to “good death”.  In home euthanasia refers to the practice of euthanizing, or providing a good death, to a pet in the comfort of their own home. It allows the pet to be in a familiar and comfortable environment, often surrounded by loved ones, during their final moments. 

Reasons why an in-home euthanasia might be beneficial for your pet and family may include:

  • Your pet is able to be in the comfort of their own home and space, surrounded by familiar sights, smells, sounds, textures and even tastes.
  • You can openly grieve in your own home. We are used to seeing a lot of tears.
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  • You are able to schedule an appointment around yours and your pets schedule. Some families prefer to schedule during a time their pet is normally napping and most relaxed or when their children are at school.
  • You are welcome to have as many family members and friends present as you wish.
  • Other pets are welcome to stay in the same room during the appointment.
  • Other pets who might be aggressive or hyperactive and who can’t peacefully be in the same room during the appointment can still have an opportunity to be with the pet immediately before and after their companion is euthanized.
  • The doctor is 100% focused on your pet and your family. There are no distractions of other families and their pets.

Is In-Home Pet Euthanasia Right for You?

Understanding Who Should Choose This Compassionate Option

Situations where in-home euthanasia might be beneficial for a pet may include:
  • Pets who are in pain or unable to move are able to stay where they are, eliminating the concern for causing more pain attempting to move them.
  • Larger pets who may be difficult or impossible to move or get into the car.
  • Pets who are anxious/nervous about car rides or who experience motion sickness.
  • Pets who are anxious in the vets office.
  • Pets with difficulty breathing.
  • The vast majority of cats are most happy in their own home and generally dislike the cat carrier and a car ride.

Care You Can Trust

Dr. Sandra has been providing in home euthanasia and end-of-life care services since early 2014, helping thousands of families through one of the most difficult days of their life. Her veterinary education, clinical acumen, personal experiences with pet loss, and years of experience will ensure your pet is provided with the most compassionate, dignified, and peaceful passing possible and that your family is treated with love, compassion, and respect.  There is nothing Dr. Sandra and the amazing support staff of TLC In Home Vet want more than to honor the special bond between you and your pet, before, during, and after the appointment.

In-Home Pet Euthanasia Explained

A Compassionate Approach to Saying Goodbye


At the time of scheduling an appointment, our wonderful and knowledgeable support staff will answer any questions you may have. They will obtain all information necessary to ensure as smooth and peaceful of an appointment as possible.
Prior to the doctors arrival at your home you will receive a text message or phone call to indicate the doctor is on her way with an estimated arrival time. Upon arrival at your home the doctor will warmly greet your family and engage in a discussion about your beloved pet.


They will then gently and respectfully discuss what to expect during the appointment at a level that is comfortable for all in attendance, being particularly careful with wording when children are present. Should you prefer a more concise conversation, simply let us know, and your wishes will be respected. Feel free to ask any questions about the process. You'll have the chance to spend a few moments with your pet before the euthanasia begins.

Peaceful Transition

In general, the in-home euthanasia process involves a two injection technique. The first injection is a sedative to help alleviate any discomfort or anxiety your pet may be feeling, inducing a relaxed and restful state. The second injection is the euthanasia solution, which is simply a concentrated anesthetic that causes your pet to gently and peacefully pass away. Once the doctor has confirmed your pet has passed away they will provide a fur clipping and clay paw impression, and will offer to step outside to give your family time and space to be alone with your pet.


If we are handling aftercare, we’ll return after a few minutes to respectfully prepare your pet, placing them in a clean and comforting blanket for transport to the veterinarian’s car.

Throughout the process, the veterinarian will ensure that the process is as gentle and compassionate as possible, prioritizing the comfort and dignity of the pet at all times.

Please visit our FAQ’s for more detailed information on the euthanasia process.

Timing Matters

When to Consider Euthanasia for a Peaceful Farewell

Deciding when to euthanize a pet is an incredibly personal and difficult decision. Each patient and their circumstances are unique and there are both medical and personal factors that can play a role in helping to guide when it is the “right” time to say goodbye.

Some medical factors that may indicate that euthanasia is a reasonable consideration for a pet could include:

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When Pet Euthanasia Dog in Passaic county

Some personal factors that may influence the timing of when one decides to euthanize a pet:

Please visit our Is It Time section for further information.

Choosing the Right Setting:

Exploring the Ideal Setting for In-Home Pet Euthanasia

One of the benefits of electing in-home euthanasia is the flexibility it offers in where the appointment can be held.  We suggest selecting a spot that holds significance for your pet, whether it’s their favorite place or where your family feels most at ease. Many pets remain at ground level and we are happy to accommodate them there if that is the location most comfortable for them.

Common Locations Include:

Elevating Compassionate Care

Your Pet's Quality of Life Consultation

If you’re reading this section, you’re likely concerned about your pet’s quality of life and despite reading multiple articles or even talking to your vet, you’re still confused about what to expect for your pet’s future. TLC is here to help.  The purpose of the virtual quality of life consultation is for you to gain a better understanding of where your pet’s quality of life currently stands and what to expect going forward. Our focus during the consultation is to provide ways to improve your pets quality of life, to empower you to have the confidence to know when it is an appropriate time to give your pet peace, and to best prepare you for handling the loss of your pet and the grief that follows.

Our virtual quality of life consultation is an approximately 30-45 minute conversation by phone or on Zoom with the veterinarian, where your pet’s quality of life can be discussed in depth. Prior to the consultation, and if available, recent and pertinent medical records are reviewed by the veterinarian. During the consultation the doctor will answer any questions you may have and offer recommendations to improve your pets quality of life. 

Please note that without a physical examination of your pet, legally we are unable to diagnose or treat any conditions or prescribe any medications.

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