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Exploring Compassionate Aftercare Options

As you embark on the journey of exploring compassionate aftercare options, we understand the importance of providing meaningful choices to honor and remember your beloved pet.

Nurturing Healing

Exploring Aftercare Choices for Your Beloved Pet

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Abbey Glen Pet Memorial Park

We exclusively collaborate with Abbey Glen Pet Memorial Park in Lafayette, NJ. Spanning across 14 acres of deed-restricted, picturesque property, it offers not only beauty but immense serenity. Families, along with their dogs, are invited to visit Abbey Glen any day during daylight hours. They can freely explore the scenic grounds, trails, and roads, take in the beauty of various statues, and immerse themselves in the tranquil landscape.

The staff of Abbey Glen are incredibly kind and knowledgeable and will treat your pet with the utmost respect, as if they were their own.

Please visit for more information.

During this difficult time, out of respect to your family and to be as unobtrusive as possible, the doctor will arrive alone. To ensure peaceful transport, for pets over 30lbs, we may request your assistance in transporting your pet to the doctor’s vehicle on a blanket-lined gurney.

Private Cremation

A Dignified Farewell for Your Cherished Companion

An individual cremation is the best option for families who would like to have their pets ashes returned to them.  Families electing an individual cremation tend to find comfort in physically having their pets ashes with them or want the ability to bury or spread their pets ashes in a location with special meaning to their family.  With individual cremation the pet is cremated individually and only the ashes of your pet are returned to you.  For clients electing an individual cremation for their pet, ashes will be returned in the beautiful Hand-Carved Rosewood Urn with a single printed line brass nameplate, along with a certificate of cremation, authenticating that your pet was cremated at Abbey Glen.

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Options for Delivery of Ashes

  • Ashes are hand delivered by Abbey Glen to your regular veterinarians office within approximately 7-10 days. Please ensure we have the correct office on file in your confirmation email, as many hospitals have similar names.

  • Ashes can be shipped via FedEx (signature confirmation required) for an additional fee of $30.  With this option Abbey Glen will contact you with a tracking number.
  • Ashes can be picked up directly from Abbey Glen, located in Lafayette, NJ.
  • Ashes may be available for hand delivery for an additional fee.
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Communal Cremation

Thoughtful Options for Honoring Pets Together

Communal cremation is another option for pet aftercare, involving the respectful cremation of multiple pets together. It provides a communal resting place, ensuring a dignified farewell for beloved pets. This option suits families who prefer not to have their pet’s ashes returned to them. The ashes from communal cremations are memorialized on the beautiful grounds of Abbey Glen Pet Memorial Park.  You are welcome to visit Abbey Glen any day, during daylight hours.

Beyond Cremation

Exploring Alternative Aftercare Options for Your Pet

Home burial is ideal for families wishing to keep their pet nearby or have a specific place, such as a vacation home, where their pet loved spending time. Before proceeding, it’s essential to verify your town’s regulations regarding home burial. While the veterinarian can offer advice on home burial, they are unable to assist in the actual burial process.

Another option for aftercare is burial in a cemetery.  Please reach out directly to Abbey Glen, located in Lafayette, NJ, or to Snow Mountain, located in Mahwah, NJ, for further information on this option. 
Witnessed cremation is yet another option for families (fee based and subject to availability – contact Abbey Glen directly to coordinate). This would be in addition to an individual cremation, and would allow your family time with your beloved family member immediately prior to cremation. Should you choose to stay for the duration of the aftercare process, a  tranquil reflection room is provided for your use.

Healing Resources

Links to Supportive Grief Resources for Pet Owners

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Resources to Ease the Loss of Your Beloved Pet

Books offering comfort and support through pet loss and grief.

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Loss and Grief Support Services

Compassionate grief counselors located in New Jersey

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Support Groups for Coping with Pet Loss

Join supportive groups for comfort and healing through pet loss.

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