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May 06, 2024

Sweetest little boy

Liam was not just a good boy, he was the best boy. As a puppy, he learned the joy of leaping into a freshly raked pile of leaves, and bursting back out with a rush of energy that brought smiles and laughter to all who watched him.  Even as he grew older, he loved to walk through a pile of leaves whenever he could find one.

He had beautiful, soulful eyes that conveyed every emotion and calmed the spirit of anyone who stared into them.  He also used his eyes to flirt with all the girls he came across; his mischevous side eye would stop people in their tracks – which could be dangerous when in a pedestrian crossing.

Despite his flirtation, he was completely loyal to one girl, his beloved Molly who he had known and loved since he first came to live with us.  Liam went to great lengths to take care of her, cleaning her face and ears whenever he felt she needed it, grooming her, and just being as close to her as he could.  Molly never reciprocated, and Liam never expected her to.  She was his princess and that was enough.

His eyes and mouth worked together to smile when he was happy.  One could see the joy when Liam knew something good was coming, whether that was a nice hamburger, a back massage, or a walk to the park.

Throughout his life, Liam proved to be an amazing teacher.  He taught those around him to be faithful.  Be welcoming.  Have fun.  Express yourself.  Say hi to strangers.  Be loyal.  Give without thought of receiving something in return.  Be strong, but gentle.  Protect your family.  Be brave and resilient.  Travel.  Life is short, enjoy the ride.  Love completely and unconditionally.  May we all live our lives like Liam.  Our world will be a better place.

❤️ Rosemarie Hayward
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