Who crossed the rainbow bridge on:
February 16, 2021

In Loving Memory of Max, My Beloved Companion

Max the Cat

Maxamillion, Milman, Millionman, Maxamil, Mil – you held many names, each echoing the love and affection I held for you. Your presence was a soothing balm to my soul, a constant source of comfort and joy.

You nestled in the crook of my elbow, finding your place without me even realizing it. Your way of quietly claiming a spot in my lap brought warmth and peace beyond measure. Your departure on February 16, 2021, left an unfathomable void, for loving you was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done.

You were there through the highs and lows, accompanying me on the journey through vet school, an internship, and my first jobs as a veterinarian; a loyal co-captain on countless trips between New Jersey and Florida. Your companionship knew no bounds, transcending distances and obstacles.

You were there for my marriage to your “dad,” and though you loved him dearly, I knew I was always your number one.

From many apartments to our first home, you graced each space with your presence, weaving yourself seamlessly into our lives. You were there as we welcomed both of our children home for the first time, your gentle soul radiated love and warmth. Admittedly, I think you weren’t thrilled to give up your lap, but you did when needed and I thank you for your understanding.  The kids are a bit bigger now and they learned so much about loving a pet from you, even though the time your lives overlapped was too short, and for all that you taught them I am eternally grateful.

Your quirks, like attempting to lick my eyelashes, were both sweet and scratchy. Oh, how I’d endure that forever just to have you by my side once more.

Your playful fascination with batting around straws brought laughter and joyous moments. And while it always made me nervous, your love of chewing on EVERY ribbon you could find, despite my efforts to conceal and dissuade you, brought you so much joy… I hope there are endless ribbons where you are.

Your kneading of ‘biscuits’ and those soulful eyes held wisdom that spoke volumes, teaching me about life and unconditional love.

What you taught me has helped me to better empathize with other families coping with the loss of their pets. You’ve sculpted me into a better mom, wife, veterinarian, and person overall.

I’ll forever miss the sound of your purr and your ‘voice’, a melody that brought peace to my heart. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you, your memory etched in every corner of my existence.

Max, you will never be forgotten. A colossal piece of my heart will forever be yours. Your legacy of love and companionship will endure, carved into the very fabric of our lives. And you must know I speak of you all the time. Your memory deserves to live on.

Rest peacefully, my dear friend, knowing you are, and always will be, deeply cherished and adored. Until we meet again, Max, run free and bask in eternal love. Thank you for everything Maxamil.

❤️ Mom (Dr. Sandra)
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