Who crossed the rainbow bridge on:
June 26, 2024

God Bless our Sweet Little Boy

We had to say goodbye to our sweet little boy, Yogi, after 15 years of cherished friendship and love. We knew it was the right decision for him but, nonetheless, it’s so hard to let go. A friend said to us, “He was your best friend for over 15 years, now it’s time to be his best friend”. I’m tearing up as I write this. I also want to say what a peaceful and comforting experience it was with Dr. Simko. She was caring and compassionate, and put us at ease through the whole process. Yogi fell asleep in my arms and crossed the Rainbow Bridge as I hugged him and we said goodbye. At-home euthanasia for our pet was truly a blessing for us.

❤️ Tom Catalano
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