Pet Memorial

Read touching testimonials from families who chose in-home pet euthanasia, sharing their heartfelt pet memorials and finding comfort in saying goodbye at home. Discover compassionate and personalized care for a peaceful farewell.


Liam was not just a good boy, he was the best boy. As a puppy, he learned the joy of leaping into a freshly raked pile of leaves, and bursting back out with a rush of energy that brought smiles and laughter to all who watched him.  Even as he grew older, he loved to […]

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Max the Cat


Maxamillion, Milman, Millionman, Maxamil, Mil – you held many names, each echoing the love and affection I held for you. Your presence was a soothing balm to my soul, a constant source of comfort and joy. You nestled in the crook of my elbow, finding your place without me even realizing it. Your way of quietly

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